Yamarin boats now in Australia for 2023!

Yamarin Boats Fraser Island Empowered by Yamaha

We are proud to announce the launch of Yamarin and Yamarin Cross boats in Australia for 2023! All boat models are available through selected Yamaha dealers near you!

Yamarin = YAMAHA + MARINE (a magical formula)

Yamarin is an award winning boat manufacturer with a strong association to Yamaha. 

Yamarin's brand quality is strongly associated with Yamaha, which has helped forge Yamarin as one of the most popular boat brands in Scandinavia, the Nordics and Europe. Even our Yamarin brand name was born by combining the words "Yamaha" and "Marine". That close partnership is even more true today with Yamarin being part of Yamaha Motor Europe.

Market Leading technology and infotainment systems

Yamarin 63 DC Cockpit with Q System

All Yamarin cockpits have been designed to be both stylish and ergonomic. Most models are equipped with Yamarin Q smart displays that are located conveniently right in front of the helmsman. In addition to nautical charts and electronic navigation, Yamarin Q contains the boat’s entire instrument panel, user guides and instructional videos, local weather data, a radio and an internet connection. Yamarin Q also integrates seamlessly with the Yamaha outboard and anticipates service needs.

The updated second-generation Yamarin Q infotainment system includes new technology and a user interface (UI) that offers new possibilities for customising views to suit individual preferences. An infinitely adjustable split screen makes it possible to view navigation charts at two different magnification levels at the same time, as well as view the chart and sonar simultaneously.

The Yamarin Q infotainment system can now also be connected to the Yamarin App that includes user guides for the boat and motor, as well as an electronic logbook that records not only the route and distance, but also fuel consumption and weather information.

50 Years of quality and reliability on water

Yamarin celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022. Since 1972, Yamarin is known for their high quality award winning boats, the production of Yamarin boats is guided by the will and dedication to provide joyful and carefree moments on the water, without compromising safety or superior driving characteristics. The driving pleasure and top-quality user friendliness are created by meticulous design solutions, high performance abilities and traditional Yamarin strengths, e.g. sleek design, seaworthiness, and predictability.

Fueled by lifestyle 

Yamarin boats are designed around different lifestyle needs and choices. Whether you are looking for a practical boat for day trips, comfortable family overnighters, epic fishing trips with mates, or to enjoy the sheer thrill of speed and water sports with friends. We've got you covered. Each and every Yamarin is a carefully crafted experience, with no missing details in functionality, practicality or style. Our boats have supreme handling characteristics and travel comfort, have extensive set of accessories and represent the timeless, stylish Nordic design. 

Handling characteristics and safety 

Your safety, along with the safety of your family and mates, is highly important to us. This is why all Yamarin boats have gone through hundreds of hours of thorough safety tests – starting all the way from their inception. Wider hulls make the boats steady and easy to handle, teak or softdeck surfaces and well placed footings let you move around freely and without slipping. Boats equipped with Yamarin Q take the safety even further, with e.g. integrated navigation, engine data and real-time weather reports. The safety tests and carefully designed details result in comprehensively secure boats that are built to be enjoyed by everyone. We do this so you can relax and live out your dream.

The qualities of thoroughly tested and fully optimised Yamarin boats – as well as their hull geometry – guarantee first-class handling in all conditions. You can trust the boat to take you through even the rougher weather conditions without hesitation, while providing you with unforgettable boating moments.

See our demo boats and give us a shout for any questions 

Demonstration models of the Yamarin 63 DC and Yamarin Cross 62 BR will arrive at Yamarin dealers by late 2022. Most models are available to order in Australia, speak to us about availability. Contact us for any questions or the possibility to see the demo models! 



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